Facebook to Launch New Call-to-Action Buttons for Business Pages

venkatesan | December 16 - 2014

It has been long since the mobile industry sensed the need of a call-to-action (CTA) button on the Facebook since it became famous for the ecommerce activity. Facebook was able to fetch the ecommerce business quite easily but lacked the support of CTA.


At last the Facebook has launched the CTA on business pages which can bring in more traffic to the websites through the Facebook page. It will get into the US market in few weeks while others can expect it for their business in 2015. This will be a milestone achievement for the Facebook as it embraces the business world with common community with special bondage of flexibility.


The CTA button that are likely to be introduced are ‘Sign up’, ‘Shop now’, ‘Contact us’, ‘Book now’, ‘Use app’, ‘Watch video’, and ‘Play game’. These seven CTA buttons may play the vital role connecting the visitors at Facebook to redirect them into a business page. The Facebook assure that it will manage these links similar to the current links securely with option for users to report malicious links.


The function of each button are explained below:

1. Book now: This button is useful for reservations. It may be used to book tables at restaurant, book a room in hotel etc


2.Shop now: This may be a direct link to the ecommerce site to attract the visitors. This can lead to a improved sales conversion on the site.


3. Watch video: Videos can be watched using this CTA. The context at which a video is played marks the importance of the video which is possible with this CTA button.


4. Use app: This is a classic business tool to introduce the company’s mobile app to get downloaded to the user mobile to open the app.


5. Sign up: The visitors may be directed to a sign up pages such as mailing list, webinars etc. This could be useful for increasing the email registration for subscription.


6. Play game: This will be the most potential CTA button which directs the users to play game. Your company games can be introduced to the public using this CTA.


7. Contact us: This CTA button may be linked to the contact us page or to the email directly depending upon the application. This may be useful to increase the conversion rate.


Prominence of Cover Photo

These CTA button will be placed in line with the ‘Like’ button on the Facebook page. Hence the cover photo may mark the significance for the increased visibility of the CTA button. The color, texture, and design of the cover photo will act as the background for the CTA button. Therefore cover photo image may be vital. It should be selected tactically by relating it to the call-to-action button.


Beta Version

The Beta version of the CTA button introduction was tested with Dollar Shave Club. A ‘Sign up’ button was placed just before the ‘Like’ button. The CTA was linked to the home page. Within few weeks, the site showed maximum results with nearly 2.5 times higher conversion rate.



The introduction of call-to-action can be a revolutionary change in the business world. It gives the lead for more conversion on the site with less loss of customers. The ecommerce may be the most profitable domain which may get its benefit from CTA buttons. Definitely there will be much craze for games and apps download. The call-to-action button in the Facebook page may lead to a new take off in social media sharing and overall business enhancements.