The Fast Spreading Groupon and Groupon Clone sites

venkatesan | June 7 - 2012

The concept of marketing the products in bulk by attracting the people with big discount offers based on group buying was introduced by Groupon in the year 2008. Today, after 4 years, the concept has become wide spread over the market with many emerging groupon clone sites. The main idea of Groupon concept was to provide discount coupons for the buyers with interesting deals. One has to accept the fact that the group buying concept has become very famous in all locales throughout the world because of the multiple groupon clone sites which offers the local deals in the specific area.

Another main factor that is spreading the business is the social networking sites. The deals on the site are shared on Facebook or Twitter which makes it possible for many people to know about the deals. People who visit the groupon or group buying site tend to refer the attractive deals to others for availing the special referral scheme. This is also a good opportunity for the people to earn some extra income. It is an excellent marketing strategy adopted by the businesses to promote their products/services.

The group buying site is preferred by the people for browsing the daily deals since it leads to a 2-way communication with mutual benefit of both seller and buyer. Above all, who will not be interested to get all things with huge discounts varying between 50% to 70% ? The groupon clone site also helps the end-user to locate the deals in and around their city by searching with their city name. People prefer such customized offers since they feel that they are aware of happenings around their place and believe the offers.

Many groupon clone sites are available which concentrates on specific type of services like cosmetics & spa, recreation, hotels & restaurants, sports & living, and other specialized service. Thus, the people can choose to go with the particular site depending on their need for grabbing the best deal offers. The groupon and groupon clone sites are wide spread around the world which is making the people to enjoy the sophistication of buying power with additional options to earn while spending.