How to find the right mobile application development company?

venkatesan | February 19 - 2015

When we look at the top companies that are in the business today leading in the mobile application development, what is the primary factor that made them on the top ? Or is it one reason or a combination of it that makes a success formula? How are we to decide with respect to the requirements of a customer? In other words, how to find the right mobile application development company? Is it based on cost or time of delivery or intellectual property rights or technical capabilities?

The source code / intellectual property

The easiest way to find out a mobile app company is when doing a project; look out for the policy on their ownership of source code or the intellectual property rights relating to it. If it is not a transparent policy, leave it and move on to the other company.

If the company is proving its business idea

Secondly, a company which follows a successful metrics, for example, the app is doing a good business by way of installs and downloads and if it was able to convert these taps into purchases, then the company’s metrics is good. Its business idea is coming to truth by its outcomes. Also check out the company behavior reports available in the market such as magazines, online testimonials, white papers, case studies etc.

Building the maximum number of users

Not only reaching the exact type of users, but also building the maximum number of users for an app company is a positive sign. This can happen based on the lifetime value of the user itself on using the app. Through word of mouth the marketing can also increase the number of users.

Technical competency

Nothing is worth an effort if an organization does not have a good technical team so as to say that the key to select the right organization depends on the combination of a strong and efficient team of developers in that company. Essentially, there must be an iOS developer, Android, Backend, Project Manager to work in co-ordination to ensure successful app development project.

Try out the samples of the developers. Download and test the apps they have created. Verify their process, how good are they at problem solving issues when creating an app?


Finally, check their pricing for the project and warranty terms in the agreement. It is fairly common sense that the vendors bid for the highest quotes to take the best in the market. Therefore, be advised that low cost does not mean cheap and best. On the contrary, it is competitive market.