Forecasting the Trends in Ecommerce

venkatesan | February 25 - 2013

One can easily see the trend that online shopping sites are going through. Each year, the ecommerce or online shopping sites’ sales are rocketing high and the clear proof is the current trend that is present in the economy. As per a recent statistic that was taken, it was found out that the worldwide sales of ecommerce in 2010 was about 143 billion dollars. This increased to 197 billion dollars in 2011 and further went up to 218 billion dollars in 2012.

Now the majority of the trade pundits have forecast that by the end of 2013, this revenue from ecommerce sites will increase to more than 240 billion dollars. Frankly, this is a tremendous growth for a technology that was initially started by Micheal Aldrich who connected a television to a computer and that too via telephone line.

This is called innovation and it became the so called online shopping or ecommerce. Now as the years pass by, there could be even more growth in this ecommerce sector. With the emergences of various companies that create ecommerce websites and sell deals, the significance that ecommerce technology is worth keeping a note of.

One thing that could really catch your attention is the multiple deals that are present online. Each website whether it is ecommerce one or not, will have deals that are flooding their website. Deals related to buying the latest iPhone, shoes, apparels, etc will be marketed on various websites. Even you can see deals related to dine out and cuisines that offers you exclusive discount.

In addition to that there are many people who use social networking sites to market their products. Facebook, Twitter, etc have become the outstanding means for ecommerce business. A person can easily post information related to any deals or products on his or her social networking account. Based on the product information that is posted by the user, people can pass their comments or give a like for it.

It is almost like marketing the products and making people aware of it. Kind of inbound marketing strategy. The revolution that ecommerce has bought in the field of marketing and product sales is amazing. Now as years pass by, this so called trend will be increasing where you can just login to a ecommerce website by simple means.

To conclude, the trend that ecommerce websites provide is a win-win situation. It can greatly increase the sales of the organization and even create demand for unique products. And in addition to that it will even help customers to get good quality products at reasonable prices.