A FREE Patient Appointment Scheduler for iPhone Platform

venkatesan | September 21 - 2012

Now you can schedule your patient appointments as easily using the MyClinic patient appointment scheduler which is now available for FREE in the Apple App Store. This iphone mobile application is very user friendly which connects the patient with the clinic or hospital 24 x 7 to schedule the appointments. It verifies the patient details and checks for the free slots of the doctor to fix the appointment. MyClinic also sends regular reminders through mail or calls to the patients such that no shows or appointment cancellations can be avoided.

The patients can keep in touch with the hospital/clinic constantly using the one touch call, SMS, or email. The patient can also find the geographical location and directions to the clinic using the map option. MyClinic is an useful app for the patients as well as for the clinic since it reduces the intricacies of manual appointment scheduling. The social media is also shared with the mobile application which makes it very easy for the patients to share their thoughts, feedbacks, and recommendations.

Download the industry-standard patient appointment scheduler from the iPhone app Store which is also available for Android platform. Check this FREE application today and share your opinions to others.