Future of social media & networking applications

Nandakumar | February 3 - 2009

Social media are web / mobile to share your content across globe. Mr President Obama, Who is the biggest achiever of using benefits of social media. Social media is about content sharing including News, videos, photos & Audio.

There are lots of web 2.0 application providing social media features. Current decade have totally changed human lifestyle than before. Web is everywhere & everyone is sharing information of any kind.

Twitter, Digg & youtube are the most popular applications providing social media services. Twitter is the fast growing application in current trend, but without any revenue model. Ofcourse there are lot of social media applications dont have any idea of building the revenue stream from what they already built for.

There are few questions coming with future of social media

1. How to build a revenue stream ? – This is the big Q most of the social media guys dont know how to crack this.

2. How to increase user engagement within your business / social applications ?

3. How to organize the zillions of data ?

few more..
A very popular application twitter can die with out a revenue model ??? ..
How to make your customer to more interest on ??

Even though there are lot of problems & questions, Social Media can handle it & can do it better.

What social media can do in future ?

It can able to change the government

Social media data with semantic integration will make web more smarter

People are more updated,knowledge multi fold than before. Wikipedia, the total human knowledge. Knowledge sharing will be better. Education can be lot improved, but all people will just depend on the social media.

Anything can spread the fastest. Take an example of Mumbai blast, It has reached to everyone in few minutes all across the globe. The participation of social media is playing a crucial role here in sharing..

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