What is Google +?

venkatesan | June 30 - 2011

To fill the gap in social network market Google Tuesday launched Google+ other wise called as “real life sharing”. It is in beta version. Initially people are allowed to join by invitation only. According to Google its social network platform will meet the basic human needs to connect with others. It has improved privacy control. Users can create circles or groups and allow only preferred people to share, so every one can’t view the circles. Users can easily create separate pages and organize it according to their needs. You can exclusively form circles for family, neighbours, colleagues and loved ones and share photos, contents, videos, locations with in their circles.
Its other social products Buzz and Orkut not get big hits in the industry. So Google carefully made it new software by analyzing facebook flaws. Google + takes the flaws of Facebook as an advantage and try to rectify it in their software. Privacy point of view Google + will be better than Facebook.

It has lot of unique features such as “Spark” for conversation on hobbies and attractions, and “Hangouts” is for people to say hello. Another advantage is that one can easily integrate Google services such as Gmail, Picasa, YouTube, and Google Maps. This time Google provides some unique features and more privacy control than Facebook.

Google’s social network luck will be decided this time. Till then we have to wait for the Google+ public release.