Greeting Creator – Color-filled iPad application

venkatesan | November 10 - 2012

Bring more colors into your life with Greeting Creator application for ipad. This application can change your world with options to edit photos, draw images, record voices, and much more. There is plenty of room for creativity that you can simply download your favorite images from internet using the web image option and merge them to your choice.

Greeting Creator is an entertainer for kids to grownup. Kids can engage in drawing using tools like color palette, pencil and erase. The size of the pencil tip or eraser can be increased or decreased. Grownups can have real fun by combining the photos and creating a new greeting card or message. Above all, your creations within the Greeting Creator environment can be sent to others using the mail option or shared with twitter.

It is a fun-filled application that keeps the users engaged for hours. The images can be cropped to the desired size. The user can create greetings or personalized photo albums. They can also add sound to their file by recording the voices using the recording option available within the application. You can surprise anyone using this application to edit and play with photos.

This Greeting Creator can be viewed as an exclusive application since it includes instant connect with mail box and Twitter. Instead of sending regular greeting cards online, you can design and create your own card with multiple images from internet or from your collections in gallery and send it to your friends via mail. Greeting Creator is one of the best ranked application by the users which has been listed with iTunes. Download the application from iTunes today and start exploring.

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