Group Buying Influencing the e-Commerce

venkatesan | September 5 - 2012

The e-commerce world has seen new heights with the introduction of group buying concept in the market. The e-commerce market which was involved in online buying and selling has slowly changed over the past few years dominated by group buying deals and offers. The group buying strategy of selling products or service at attractive discounts ranging from 50% to 90% gave an inertia to the e-commerce trade.

The business people preferred the group buying concept since it was an evident tool to sell products that are stagnated in bulk. People enjoyed the discounts while the business people could clear the stocks. The group buying sites are real boon to both the site holder as well as the customers. It is also one of the merchant platform who can meet the customers directly and introduce their products. The production could be directly increased with increased booking and sales on the site.

When comparing the regular shopping carts with group buying deals, it is visibly clear that group buying has more advantages since they can provide the same product at discounted pricing. People get more choices and above all get the recommendation from the social media. The group buying also keeps the communication open with the customers by sending automated regular mails about the offers and deals available in the site.

The existing e-commerce sites limits the buying probability on the site while group buying attracts more people with the offers and deals. The group buying sites are converting business in many billions of dollars which is a good share in the total e-commerce activities happening online. The buyers can find different categories of products which can save their time to search for the products.

Group buying sites have increased the online revenue via e-commerce. The bulk purchases of goods have improved the production line. The service-oriented sectors like spa has also cited good opportunities via group buying concept.

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