Groupon clone Script

saran | February 4 - 2011

Groupon success created a new history in the e commerce industry. It has shifted deals market in to the new height today and even the big companies like Google and AOl also planned to launch their Groupon clone websites by impressing with’s profit. According to Mashable some of the people received daily deal emails from Google in the name of Google Offers. Recently Google failed to buy the for $6billion.

Groupon’s success leads to thinking of many people to start a website like it and every day there is lot of Groupon clone websites are launched around the world to capture the business. This is the right time to start a Group buy site but developing a website like Groupon will be costlier and it takes more time to create.

To help the people to start a Groupon clone site, few months back Ndot launched open source script for download. Till now thousands of people downloaded the script and started their deals site and the number is going on. Based on the huge response from the webmasters around the world Ndot recently launched premium version with more new features at affordable price $95.

The features of Ndot premium Groupon Clone includes,
Gift to Friends, Friends Reference, Deals discussion, Easy dynamic configuration set up through Admin control panel, Selection of theme from more than 8 designs, Language settings, currency setting and free updates for one year. We are developing API, Affiliates model, mobile version of Groupon clone and Mobile application development for Andriod and Iphones. You will get some of these applications as free updates and some will be at smaller costs.

Unlimited version includes all the above said benefits with 3 years free updates and technical supports. You may post your technical and business enquiries through e mail or contact us via phone. People who downloaded free version may post your opinions, doubts and feedback in the forum section of this site.

The basic reason for success of is it creates more business turnover for the business or service and consumer enjoy the benefits of cost. Since the both the buyer and seller enjoy the benefits through the daily deals lot of business and customers register them every day.

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