Groupon Now Launches in Three More cities

venkatesan | July 7 - 2011

Groupon offers its services in 43 countries and its new innovative idea Groupon Now available in 20 major cities includes three new cities Minneapolis, Las Vegas, and Orange County, California. Groupon Now provides its service in some of the major cities such as Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York City. It covers 20 North American markets now.

Groupon Now is completely different from regular platform. Regular platform is used for future use but Groupon Now! Where deals are redeemed immediately with in specific time in the day it purchased. Based on their location Groupon Now offer deals everything from Shopping to Food. For these reasons Groupon Now is not activated in all of its markets at once.

Use Groupon App to view the Groupon Now deals in your mobile. After the launch of Groupon lot of small businesses enjoy the benefits of new customers. Using this trend lot of Groupon clone websites are launched and doing business in various niche. If you have a good sales force team and ideas to implement this strategy then you can be a winner in this market.

Ndot deals scripts are used in more than 200 Groupon clone websites around the world. We continuously update new features in our script. For premium version we offer 1 year free updates and 3 years for unlimited version. Visit our portfolio page to get more ideas about our Groupon clone websites.

We have planned to launch next version with in this week. We welcome your suggestions to implement new ideas in the next version. In the next version you may expect a feature like “Groupon Now”.

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