High Percentage of User-Generated Brand Engagement Present in Pinterest

venkatesan | May 8 - 2013

According to a recent study done by Curalate and Digitas, the marketing and technology providers, about seventy percent of the brand engagement which is present in Pinterest is actually user-generated. Surprising isn’t ?

But these numbers don’t affect companies who are in automobile and fashion retail industries, as for quite some time they haven’t been cashing on the Pinterest’s engagement. As per Digitas, this is a huge problem as when brands don’t use Pinterest, they leave a huge gap in the overall marketing strategies.

John Bitterman who is the senior VP of mobile, content and social lead at Digitas feels that brands do have to go forth and do pinning. The study has shown various opportunities that can help brands to drive conversations on Pinterest which is becoming the engaging visual platform. So, by leveraging to the rich consumer insights, brands can easily cut the guesswork out of their current visual content related strategies. And then they can easily share the type of image which their consumers or audiences want to see.

In addition to that the market research which was done by Curalate and Digitas also showed that eighteen percent of the fashion retail brands pin their items and brands on the Pinterest. Even the study showed that the average pin for retail fashion industry done by brands amounted to forty six pins.

The shocking aspect was that the automobile industry lacked a lot in Pinterest engagement. As per the statistic analysis, more than seventy to eighty percent of the Pinterest engagements of the industry is user-driven. Especially in the case of the automotive brands, a lot of repins were created on community posting rather than brand posting.

Even the study showed that the on an average brands received three repins. This is compared to the ten repins that users would receive for posting products related to automotive. What trade analysis feel that aspirational products like cars have to do well in Pinterest and it is quite sad to see the auto industry stuck up in the first gear.

As per Apu Gupta, the CEO of Curalate, it is really astonishing and some what the industry needs to enact the marketing strategy of leveraging their brand’s heritage to display a compelling visual story which could create a great emotional connection with consumers.

The one particular industry that found to achieve great success and activeness in the Pinterest community was the electronic brands. Curalate and Digitas found that about forty seven percent of the pins of electronic industries were done by brands. Moreover, the study also found out that the pictures of the e-health devices proved to be quite popular on the website.

Now this study was conducted using the statistics information from more than ten million Pinterest comments, pin, likes, etc. Curalate and Digitas checked the entire Pinterest data from the available 120 brands which were available for study.

Over the past few years, the usage of Pinterest for marketing purpose has been increasingly gaining momentum. Just last month, Pinterest introduced a new analytic for verified brands with the major aim of improving the marketer’ experience in relation to social networking.