Hiring a cab using Mobile Applications

Nandakumar | December 1 - 2012

Previously, after a hectic shopping schedule, you must have walked miles to get a cab. What makes it more daunting is the heavy shopping bags tiring your shoulders and hands. Moments like these are the time when you wished if you could have an easy method of getting a taxi.

But now things have taken a new diversion. With a single tap on your Smartphone, you can make a taxi arrive just at your footstep. Quite convenient! Isn’t? That is what a taxi app does. It helps you to hire a taxi within a second.

Such apps are so easy to use and advantageous that you can make yourself visible to taxi drivers. Not only that, you can give the exact location of where you are and specify your preference like an AC or Non AC cab, wheelchair accessibility, etc. Truly, it is an amazing feature and you are bound to enjoy using such applications.

In addition to that, you can even specify where you want to get dropped and even suggest the route to be taken. Not only that, you can even do advance booking. There are chances at the last moment you may not be able to get the cab or even have to struggle calling the cab company to send one. Using the taxi apps, you can book in advance and get the driver number as well as the car number.

So you need not get tensed or be in a hurry to just hire a cab. You can be at ease and as well as cool. Plus these apps can also help you to calculate how much the fare will be and give feedback on how the ride was.

Even making cancellation of advance booking can be done easily. If you have to cancel or postpone a trip, you can easily use your Smartphone to cancel the booking. Within minutes, you will get an SMS stating that your booking is canceled. Truly, such apps are really interesting.

Now, if you think that such apps are quite useful only for customers then you are wrong. These apps are quite useful for taxi drivers as they don’t need to go on searching for customers. As soon as a customer clicks on the taxi app, the GPRS signal will be shown on the mobile phone of the taxi driver if he is nearby. So he can easily pick up the customer and doesn’t need to waste the gasoline by riding around the city.

Plus it gives a choice to the taxi driver to accept the trip or not. Convenience is something that both travelers and taxi drivers share because of such applications. Taxi drivers can choose whether to pick up the traveler or not. In addition to that, using the app, they can get the detailed view of the route and map of the city. So they can easily plan and even look out for short cuts to avoid the long traffic jams.

The convenience that Smartphones provide us is truly amazing. Along with that, the invention of such wonderful apps has even made us realize on how much comfortable our life has become.

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