How to effectively use tweetdeck for social media sharing

Nandakumar | May 13 - 2010

TweetDeck is amazingly perfect for social media sharing without any question. It provides complete support using APIs provided from Linkedin, facebook & twitter. I really amazed first with Adobe AIR, RIA platform desktop client.

It has all settings with APIs, columns, enable & disabling functionalities, updates/tweets, type of updates & more.

You can enable all 3 buttons on top it enables all 3 (FB, Lin, Twitter) to post updates. And try come up with 3 columns for the above & with Direct messages column from twitter & mentions. Totally its going around 5 coulmns.

There are few things notable in TweetDeck Features:

i) You can reply on the same place as update
ii) Can retweet / Message
iii) You can view others profile, ex : Linkedin connection
iv) Configure BitLeeee!, Twitter Share & other shortening services.
v) You can see FB comments, Like buttons below profile.
vi) Disable the Sound option & popup. So that its not going to interrupt your current work.

There are plenty more options available. Discovering those!