HTML5 – The Most Impacting Technology

venkatesan | December 11 - 2012

At last, HTML5 has come to enhance the HTML in multitude dimensions. Now handling the multimedia and graphics is so easy. HTML5 includes elements for <audio>, <video>, <canvas>, and even the integration of SVG content. The semantic value of the document can also be increased by the options like <section>, <article>, <header>, and <nav>. HTML5 provides simple coding and navigation that can reduce errors.

HTML5 has created a great expectation in the market because of its capability to work offline with cache, and with its speedy response without the need to access the server everytime. All HTML5 developments can enjoy the best local storage across multiple windows. It is able to satisfy the business front as well as entertain the people with its multiple technological advantages such as security, flexibility, and cost.

HTML5 is packed with solution for graphical effects like 2D/3D graphics, audio APIs, and much more that can provide unmatched gaming effect. HTML5 development can support drawings or animations with the help of canvas. It has the capacity to bring the multimedia projects into reality.

In this fast moving technological era, HTML5 is pacing with the changing needs of the people. It has features that can provide the geolocation on browser or application. HTML5 technology can help to convert the web pages to appear on mobile phones. It will be supportive for iPhone application development and Android application development by providing support for video or multimedia content.

HTML5 mobile application development has good future since it allows to reach maximum audience at cost effective development. Irrespective of field, HTML5 can be used for application development across desktop, web, and mobile.