Importance of ATM/Bank Locater Application

venkatesan | December 24 - 2012

In times of dire financial needs, we must have searched endlessly for an ATM machine. Added to that, the constant trails of walking continuously, looking out for an ATM machine just to withdraw some cash must have made us irritated. Just imagine how much effective it would be to have an ATM or Bank locater mobile application.

With a few clicks of the ATM/Bank locater mobile application, you can get various information about the ATMs or banks near you and also whether the ATM is located near the bank or inside a shopping mall.

Some of the basic features of this innovative design of mobile application development i.e. the ATM/Bank locater mobile application are the following –

Locating the Distance and Safe Monetary Transaction:- The best feature of the ATM/Bank locater mobile app is that not only it shows the location of the nearby ATM or banks, but also gives the distance between you and the nearest ATM/Bank. Plus the app also gives necessary tips to make your banking transactions simple and easy.

Share the App and Smart Reminder of transaction:- Most of us never know the number of times we have withdrawn from another bank’s ATM. Always, we end up paying certain surcharges. Now using the ATM/Bank locater mobile app, we can easily get the account of the transactions made and the amount withdrawn with a single click.

In addition to that, you also have the option to share the information of the nearby ATM or Bank with your friends or known people through social networking sites. This is advantageous for people who don’t have the app. In case your buddy needs to withdraw a certain amount from an ATM, you can easily help him by logging on to your ATM/Bank locater mobile app. The app locates the nearby ATM based on the geolocation of the map.

Speedy Navigation and Easy to Use:- One of the innovative feature of this application is that it is quite easy to use. The user-friendly interface which the app has makes it easy to navigate and gives the user required results in an instance. So you won’t spend countless time just to get the list of the ATMs or Banks.

In short, being one of the major aspects of mobile application development, the ATM/Bank locater mobile app is an innovative and great application to use. Whether you have an iPhone or Android phone, this app will work smoothly sans any hindrances or hiccups.

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