Importance of SEO role in Lead Generation

venkatesan | August 26 - 2011

Lead generation is very important for a business. Organization from small to big spending millions of dollars to generate leads. Big companies recruit large number of people to generate leads, but small businesses can’t do that. Small organizations are willing to spend low amount of money in lead generation. Lead generation via online is cost effective and easy.

How can we generate leads online?

Having a website is the best option to generate leads because people who visit your website will submit queries about your products and service. But people will not come to your website if you are not popular. So making your website first page of Google is the best way for bringing visitors to your website. People will submit queries when they are impressed with your products and service.

Forum Submission:

Join and participate the forums related to your niche. You can popularize your website via signatures in the forum post and promote your business if a person needs your service. People visit forums to get opinions from users about a brand or product. Forums are very strong medium to market your brand and get leads. So use it in a positive way to promote your website.


Some of the popular blogs allow guest writers to post articles. You can write an excellent article about products/service related to your niche or hire some good content writer to do the job and add your website url at the end of the article. People who read the article will visit your website and can get leads.

Use and to create your free blog and post articles. Google likes the blog articles from these two blogs. Lot of blogs from these two websites are ranked well in Google for some niche keywords.

Hiring a SEO professional is the best choice for a company to make their websites position well in the search engine. We offer Search engine optimization service for small and medium businesses at affordable cost.