Inevitable 10 Benefits of Mobile Website Optimization

venkatesan | May 14 - 2013

Gone are the days when mobiles where used only for communication, today mobiles have multiple uses and application. Introduction of smartphones have made the use of mobile internet to be very common among the people. Mobiles are used for accessing the web which is handy for the people and at the same time quite flexible to handle. Users get connected with the whole world just with few clicks. Mobile website optimization is one of the best technique used by companies to optimize the regular website such that the site gets displayed on the mobiles with more clarity.

On an average it is estimated that 25-30% of the traffic comes from mobile devices. Research suggests that, on average, website visitors are 51% more likely to do business with an online retailer if it has a mobile site. Some of the major benefits by optimizing the websites for mobile platform are discussed below:

1. Easy portability: The main advantage of mobile websites is that it is accessible from anywhere at anytime. Business can reach the targeted audience quickly.

2. Quick Download: By optimizing the site for mobile, the download speed is increased which can reduce the waiting time of the people.

3. Enhanced User experience: The websites are optimized for mobile platform which allows to enhance the user experience and satisfaction with easy accessibility

4. Geolocation: The users can find the geolocation of the business or stores using map facility associated with mobile application which is preferred by the users. Customers can find the business within the proximity which increases the probability of sale

5. Click to call: Websites are optimized to mobile phones which provides the opportunity for the application to utilize the click-to-call option for the users to contact with the business people

6. SEO friendly: Optimized mobile websites have good rankings on search engines as well as register with best directories

7. Brand establishment: Mobile sites help to establish brand loyalty among customers such that sales is improved with brand identification

8. Competitive edge: Customers can be retained on the site by building attractive mobile websites that beats the competitors and are exclusive among the crowd

9. QR codes: Sale of product can be recognized instantly via QR codes that identify products for billing

10. Advertisements: Mobile websites are one of the best medium for ad promotion since it can reach more audience effectively through the hand-held machine.