Innovative Ways To Nurture Leads Through Blogs

venkatesan | April 29 - 2013

It is important to note that when it comes to the aspect of business blogging, especially in the case of the inbound marketing, it has to fit right to the attract stage of the given methodology. Why? It is because blogs are the best content that make good social media interaction and they can be easily found by search engines. In addition to that blogs can be a great tool to attract potential visitors and even bring them to your website.

Therefore, you can easily confirm that your particular blog can bring a lot of qualified visitors and even convert them into leads. Also it will be an excellent tool for nurturing leads too. The following are the methods on how you can use your blog as an efficient tool for nurturing the given leads that are there in your hands –

Using the Call-To-Action (CTA)

This is one of the biggest knockout which can make your blog easily fit for nurturing leads. One thing that you need to know that smart CTAs are the CTA which function dynamically. In a sense, they can help to automatically display various CTAs to various visitors based on the given information which you have collected.

Sources From Sales Team

One thing that you need to realize is that your sales team are talking with the leads everyday. So chances are there that they would be having a good amount of blog content based on their interaction with the leads. Sometimes they can write good contents which are based on the interest, problems, needs and even challenges of the leads.

Make Your Sales Team Read Blogs

You will be having a lot of great blogs which can be very well used in the sales process. However, you need to confirm whether that your sales representative know about it. It is very important that you don’t assume that the salespeople are reading all the blogs that you are posting and even that they know all the details right at their fingertips.

Emailing Blogs

You don’t need to leave the task of sharing the blogs with leads who could be potential ones in the future to the sales department. Definitely, all the databases regarding the leads contact and status will be at your disposal and you can easily use the email marketing software to send the blogs to these potential leads. This is a great strategy to re-engage the leads with the contents present on your website and make your business as the top most one when a requirement comes.

Adding the Content of the Blog to Work flow

It is important to remember that all the contents that you have cannot be used to nurture leads and it is doesn’t lead to form submission. Since your blog content is going to be the top most one in the corporate funnel, the blogs can be incorporated at the early stage of the work flow so that you can get easy leads.

Adding the Blog Links in the Various Parts of the Website

You can add the links of relevant blog articles to various other pages of the website where leads are most likely going to visit. For example, you can add the blog links in the product page and this can greatly reinforce your position as industry experts and even lead to nurturing the current leads into potential customers. In addition to that it can even further engage potential clients to read your content and even can lead to a good amount of credibility to your business.

Social Media Promotions Through Blogs

Using your corporate blog, you can easily double the social media presences of your organization. Just remember that the business blog which you have is not one of the rated top-of-the funnel tool and it can at times lead to channel the nurtured leads. Promoting your blogs through social networks like Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, etc helps to give you a great amount of opportunity that can promote the social media account that you have and even encourage readers to follow you on the social networking sites.

Frankly, blogs are the awesome tools which can greatly increase your corporate presences and even convert the doubtful leads in to confirmed one. All that requires is a good blog and the content which is richly informative and attractive.