Inspiring Expectations from Future Mobile Technologies

venkatesan | July 4 - 2013

Smartphones have started replacing the passion towards PC and Laptop since it provides excellent functionalities on the fingertips. The advancing technologies have yet more stories to reveal for the smartphones which has become the most entertaining medium for the people. Researchers are expecting a huge changeover in the outlook and functions of smartphone by 2020.

Some of the areas where the researchers are concentrating for improving the smartphone technology to service the customers better are:

1. Mobile user identification
2. Large data transfer
3. Processor capabilities
4. New suitable batteries
5. Scratch-resistant screens
6. 3D screens
7. Mobile wallets etc

There is a need for mobile user identification for security reasons. Setting passwords has been a long time practice. Industry giants like Apple are trying for advanced fingerprint identification which is bit costlier with less perfection presently. In China, a mobile – Baidu-Lenovo A586 – had come to market with voice recognition for securing the mobile. In few years, there is no wonder that retina scan may be included with smartphones.

The next potential need is for transferring the data quickly which is expected to be fulfilled by 5G-network which is being deployed in Korea. With such heavy features, the mobile may require a quick processor. Industry is expecting a 48-core processor for smartphones and tablets in 5 to 10 years. This may include the capabilities of 3D video, smart & quick search, voice assistant and much more.

The next unsaid rule for the stability of the mobile phone is the capacity of batteries. Japanese engineers are working out on batteries that may generate a lot of energy from hydrogen. One can expect lithium-ion microbatteries on the market with increase in standard size 2000 times by 2018.

Amazingly interesting features that is expected in future mobile screens is that it would be able to crush or curl. LG has presented a 5-inch flexible, scratch-resistant prototype for the screen which shows the way for the future innovation. 3D screen also has its own part to play in the future changes.

The ever changing technology is heading towards a society of mobile users who may use the mobile wallets replacing plastic cards, or can even expect a mobile key to open the doors to march towards the future.