Internet Marketing – Ripe Fruits Rowing Across Internet

venkatesan | November 16 - 2013

With increasing population of internet users (34.3%), there is huge scope for internet marketing which concentrates on advertising and marketing using multiple medium on internet like web marketing, email marketing, and social media marketing. Multiple types of tools utilized for promoting internet marketing include e-commerce, affiliate marketing, SEO, Google analytics, Adwords (PPC) etc.

Emails are commonly used and applied by many businesses to target product promotion to specific clients. The success is based on content and subject line since 64% of email recipients open mail based on the subject-line alone. Email marketing can be less reliable for business since it consumes more time and produces less output. Infact, 30% of subscribers change email addresses annually.

With regards to internet marketing, e-commerce play a vital role. In marketplaces like eBay,, Amazon, and others, there are millions of active users who participate in e-commerce. Affiliate marketing provides rewards for users when they get involved in marketing with no efforts which attracts more population towards this internet marketing method.

Search engine optimization (SEO) has gained importance in the web since competition exists among the companies to list them on best pages of SERP seeking visibility to reach public. Adwords, which is literally an advertisement hosted on the web depending on Pay per click, can be best managed by the business to display the ads on particular area (payment is done based on every click of the customer). Google analytics shows the needed statistics to manage the adwords or other keywords to promote the pages.

Social media marketing is catching up with today’s fashion. Ads can be promoted over social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc such that it effectively reaches the public. Nearly 70% of the consumers reach the company website by clicking on retail blogs. Favorite places to socially share online purchases are Facebook 55%, Twitter 22%, Pinterest 14%, Instagram 5%, Linkedin 3%, and other 1%. The endorsements and recommendation on social media also helps to leverage the marketing.

Internet marketing is a vast area which needs deep understanding to apply them into the business. Huge network of professionally trained SEOs are working on analyzing the data and handling the marketing to bring the best results. It is always advisable on the safer side to travel the journey with best person (SEO) to row the boat.