iPhone & Android – The Leaders in Mobile Development

venkatesan | December 31 - 2012

Today iPhone and Android have become the leading operating system for smartphones all around the world. Even the way people do business and their basic activities has changed, thanks to the mobile application development procedures of smartphones.

The mobile phone which was initially a communication tool has emerged as a great tool for the means of Internet communication and business. The best part is that the development of these two operating systems has lead to various app procedures like android app development. This has even contributed to fast business development.

In the two operating systems, iPhone is the most organized and structured operating system that help in defining the apps. Even the Android is not far behind in this mobile application development. Many technological researches have proved that there is no limit in the application development of these operating systems along with various other platforms like Windows, Blackberry, Java, etc.

The recent launch of iPhone 5 has not only triggered the mobile app market but also the android version too. The never-ending cut throat competition in mobile and android application development can be easily indulged in the iPhone and android success. A few years back, the iPhone was the leader and the most successful mobile OS to launch various innovative and awesome apps. However, things have changed now, even though Apple still has the popularity for it’s apps and smartphones.

What has made android phones a great choice is its low cost and the open source factor. That is one of the basic reason why it has become the first choice of many people all over the world. The popularity of both the OS depends on the choice and usage of the users. There are some users who prefer the iPhone over the android because of its quality and efficiency. While there are some who like to use the android phones due to the availability of a wide range of cheap apps and efficiency.

There is no doubt that most of the mobile application development companies are putting in their best efforts to extract the best benefits of both the OS. But it all depends on the skills and the basic talent that the company’s application developers have.

Whether it is android application development or iPhone application development, there is a great difference between them. These differences are quite prevalent among the various common and business mobile users of different platforms. It all depends on the apps, browser, performance and even display.

Thus, you can almost say that the development of mobile platforms and app have given rise to a new arena for developers in applying their skills. These skills can be used to establish amazing games and apps for users all around the world.