j Query plugins

techie | June 12 - 2010

j Query UI offers a set of interaction plugins UI widgets and visual effects. These core plug ins use j Query style, event driven architecture and a focus on web standards, accessibility It gives flexible style sheeting and user friendly design. All the J query plug ins are compatible with browsers IE 6 Firefox 2+,Safari 3.1+,Opera9.0+ and Google Chrome. This has been tested.
Interactions of the plug ins are resizing, selecting and sorting, drag and drop
Widgets have fully fledged UI controls-each with  a range of options and has been based on themes. Accordion, auto complete, button, date picker, dialog, progress bar, Slider,Tabs.
Utilities Low level utilities for building rich interaction, widgets, and effects. Position new is one such utility
Effects like animated transitions and rich interactions could be easily incorporated.
Effect methods
Effect show hide toggle, color animation, add class, remove class, switch class for developers.
You can set the default value to : 0.8
j Query makes it very easy to differentiate the Ajax requests from normal page views.It is easy make rich internet applications using j Query plugins
We at Ndot.in have used these features in designing clientele websites. With the expertise,we develop the websites with effective functionality by using j Query plugins.