Three Killer Techniques For Mobile Application Development

venkatesan | April 12 - 2013

Nowadays, with the availability of countless apps in Google Play and Apple Application Store and not to forget even BlackBerry and Windows’ growing application stores, a lot has changed in the mobile industry. Most of the mobile app developers as well as entrepreneurs need to consider a lot when they start creating and designing new applications. They really need to keep their fingers crossed in order to ensure that the new apps gets accepted to the marketplaces.

The only redefining aspect is setting apart your app from others available in the market and even ensuring that there is a smooth and easy submission process. A lot of mobile experts feel that there is more development left in the mobile technology and mobile users have to wait to see most of it. The following are the three innovative and great tips that you can follow and use to the best of your abilities –

Thinking Differently Now this is something which people never seem to realize or think about. No one needs another flashlight app or tip calculator. Re-invention is not what people like. There should be something distinct and different about an application. It is important for a application developer to come up with something which people have never seen before.

However, it is not an easy thing. You need to deeply analyze and understand your competitors. It is important that a developer knows the app by heart.

Design With hordes of app already throning the market, companies like Google and Apple won’t be needing an app. In a sense, they are not starving for an app, so they could greatly delay the acceptance or reject an app in case if it is not interactive and easy to use.

The primary focus should be on delighting the person and making your app suitable for usage. It is okay to have fancy animations and graphics as long as it is fun. But if it is boring and has no purpose, then it is better to eliminate them. In addition to that you do need to study how people use the app and try to make necessary improvements based on it.

Efficiency One thing that you need to realize is that Tablets and Smartphone apps have limited CPU power. So those apps which eat up 4G or 3G data are sometimes prone to crashing and even there is a possibility of it getting deleted by the app stores. Your app should have the essential functionality in making sure that the data are effectively and efficiently used.

Frankly, one may think that developing mobile apps is a tedious task and also time consuming. To an extent it is somewhat true if one doesn’t do extensive market research and knowledge in this field.