Kohana PHP and Social media APIs

saran | May 5 - 2010

You can implement N.Sandwich platform offered by N.dot, to get maximum benefit with Social media. You will be able to work easily with social media enabled by Kohana PHP. You can start a Face book application with the Kohana PHP.

This will be just an entry on vendor code snippets. These snippets will add functionality to Kohana PHP application when you are implementing N.Sandwich. It has all the components that will add support to the social media websites.

It may be surprising to find that it supports APIs from Facbook, Twitter, Zementa. These are collections of functions. By using N.Sandwich, you can Call any where from inside your Kohana PHP code.

You can easily start a Facebook application with Kohana php and social media.

We want the software is to cache the repetitive query for a certain amount of time, so that instead of querying the database, it can fetch it from the cache, dramatically reducing database load.

N.Sandwich uses an effective caching system that is fast and compatible with most of the cache tags. In N.Sandwich, the SQL queries are properly optimized , and due to this, it is very easy to get caching. URL redirect, meta tags, description keywords generation using Zementa API are the salient features of N.Sandwich platform.

One can extend any components to customize the needs. Bench marking a framework is easy and faster. You will have to work with objects and classes, instead of files and functions. There are good debugging and profiling tools.