Link Building Techniques – Social Media

venkatesan | August 16 - 2011

My previous articles about link building techniques suggested profile building, forum comments and blog comments posting methods to get quality back links. In this article we will discuss link building techniques using social media websites particularly social networking sites and social bookmarking sites.

People use social media sites to communicate with friends and followers. Social bookmarking websites like Digg, Stumbleupon, and Delicious are some of the quality websites that can drive traffic to your websites and also boost your search engine ranking position.

How to get back links from Social bookmarking websites?

It is simple to get quality links from social bookmarking sites. First you must create your account and bookmark your website home page first and subsequently bookmark other inner pages. Write a perfect title, description, and keywords about the page you submit. Don’t submit all the pages in a day because some bookmarking websites ban your account and delete all your saved bookmarking pages. Better you may bookmark just one page per day for a website.

Enter all the information like website url, description, social media profile page in the profile area of your account. You can get the public profile page from your account and can ping it using the tools like

Social Networking websites:

Social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter and linkedin are used by millions of people every day for various purposes. It is an effective online marketing tool used by big brands, small businesses and online marketers to market their products and services. Post news about your products, services and offers in the social networking sites with the relevant page url. Create individual pages on Facebook for your products and services. You can easily get more followers and fans if you post good content and offers, frequently in your facebook and twitter pages.

Your social networking pages will be immediately indexed by Google if it has good contents. Lot of facebook pages are performing well than the business websites. A well optimized social media page can get good rank in the search engines and bring some traffic and business.