Make money online with Ndot Products

venkatesan | August 25 - 2011

There are hundreds of opportunities available online to make money. Ndot offers wide range of innovative products at reasonable cost to start your online business. It needs only few hundred dollars to start your own business online. We help you to build your websites and market your products. Here we listed some of our products that will help you to start your own business cost effectively.

Ndot Deals – Groupon Clone

Groupon is a best example for big success in online business in the short span of time. It is a group buying concept where the deals will be activated once the minimum number of purchase reached. Groupon approach the sellers or merchants to sell their service or products through their website and it takes commission for every product/service they sell in their website. Groupon has the database of millions of subscribers around the world. So it is easy for them selling any products and service.

If a product is listed for the city Los Angeles, Groupon automatically send mails to the subscribers who have chosen the city. So people click the email link and will buy the deals if they are interested. Both sellers and buyers enjoy the benefits of group buying deals concept. There is a huge potential for the deals market in small and big cities. Why are you still waiting, you can start your own Groupon clone web site in your city with Ndot deals script instantly.

Yipit Clone – Deal Aggregator

It is a deal aggregator script which fetches all the deals from the leading group buying sites like Groupon and Livingsocial in one place. You don’t need to invest huge money to start a Yipit clone website. Even a lot of group buying deals sites offer affiliate program for publisher. Join some of the affiliate programs and you can earn money as a commission whenever a visitor buy a product or service using the affiliate link in your website.

The big advantage is that there is no additional man power needed to run the website. Ndot will take care of script installation and additionally you will get 3 free templates for the total cost of $349. It is one time investment all you need to do is continuously promote your website to get visitors.

Soon we will launch Fiverr clone and it is another money making platform which needs only small amount of investments to start.