How to Market Your Mobile App?

venkatesan | October 6 - 2014

You might have built a great app that may be very useful for the end user, but if you don’t do the marketing to reach the public properly then your app may go unnoticed in the crowd. Millions are app are uploaded into the app store daily. It is highly important to market the apps such that it is known among the people. Some of the trade tricks to market the Android and iPhone mobile apps are discussed below.

1. Clean and bug-free app: Building a bug-free app is a successful marketing half done. An unique app should be developed which has an audience. Proper testing and debugging should be adapted before releasing the app. The people should be convinced to download the app by providing proper reasons. The initial customer review is important because they may act like a marketing tactics to spread the goodness of the app if convinced. Hence clean coding with bug-free apps may initially impress the audience to improve app download.

2. App description: This is vital for a successful app. The description of the app should be elaborate such that people come to know more about the app and its function. The description should be self-explanatory for the people to understand the app. The app description plays a key role in promoting the app. It should motivate the user to download the app. One can even compare the product with other competitors on the market which can bring the app come up in more search results.

3. Changing release date of app: By default, the release date of the app is the date on which app is submitted to app store. But it is possible to change the release date of the app as the date on which the app is available on the app store. More sales can be driven to the app by placing them under the new app arrival category which can help in driving more sales to the site.

4. Free versions: In order to make your famous in the app store, the app can be provided for free in the initial stages. This can attract more customers who maybe motivated to download the app. Freeium model or the in-app advertisement model can fetch good marketing attention to drive in more sales. Premium version can be introduced later with extra features that are not included in free model which may attract the crowd to select premium model leading to increased sales.

5. Reviews: The details of the mobile apps can be presented to the review site to include them in the review list. The product/app review can attract the customers with genuine marketing information. If article/blog authors include your app for review in their posting then it can fetch you a free advertisement. Some of the sites demand payment for presenting a review content which is not advisable to approach. There are plenty of high quality sites which may come forward to do a free review which can attract more customers to download the app.

6. Leader boards: Prominent leader boards and achievements of the app can be published such as games app which can act like a key marketing approach. Friend to friend referral can be encouraged via leader boards where the app maybe posted in the new arrival list of leader boards.

7. Free for a day: The attention of the crowd can be attracted by providing the app free for a day which can even draw the attention of reviewers. This can grab the attention of the public with friends to friends referral leading to increased download and sales.

8. Avoid advertisements: To get listed among the top downloads is the aim of every app but it is advisable not to adapt paid advertisement as the medium since it may be costlier with no guarantee for success.

9. Pricing: The app should be priced appropriately for influencing more sales on the site. Selling an app at a higher price than the market rate or the rate of the competitors may lead to sales drop. Therefore, the price must be fixed with thorough analysis. A nominal price may lead to increased sales. There are many sites which publish price changes which boost the sales if you drop price.

10. Social media: Now-a-days social media is the easiest and simplest means for promoting the app. It helps to keep in contact with the customers consistently and can grow the customer base. Apart from market giants like Facebook and Twitter, the online forums can also be useful for promoting the apps. One can participate in online forums and spread the news about the app quickly among social medium.

11. Have a website: The apps can be promoted by having a dedicated website for them. Care should be taken to develop the site since the quality of the website reflects the quality of the app to the customers.

12. YouTube videos: Videos related to the app such as demo videos can be published on the YouTube to grab the attention of the public. It is true that visual appeal is most convincing for the user to know more about the app which can increase sales.