Memorable 6th Anniversary and 7th Inaugural Day for NDOT

Nandakumar | May 29 - 2014


….and the roses falling down and cheers all around, we are happy to welcome the 7th Inaugural day of NDOT Technologies. It has been a memorable moment every year as we step into the next dimensions of business world with wide hands to embrace innovations. It is a pride moment for the 150+ Ndotians to be a part of the organization which has its wings spread around the world in UAE, USA, and India.

At this happiest moment, NDOT remembers every customer, partners, employees, and associates who had been supportive for flourishing the business and taking it to new heights. Our customers have been very motivating for us to deliver contemporary products. Our 6 years of truthful service has given us the fruit of delightful and loyal customers.

The company has more than 12+ professionally developed ingenious products. We have powerfully designed multiple solutions across all industrial verticals. NDOT provides the industry-best mobile application development services and quality-acclaiming web development service. Our success is build with each foot of painstaking efforts put forth by developers, designers, testers, and other associates.

NDOT Technologies celebrates the moment with promising projects in the future. We have plans to shift most of the products into cloud computing (SaaS based) while concentrating on tours & travel, restaurant, and real estates. The most prospective product of NDOT, the Uniecommerce, will be shortly releasing the Enterprise Version which will be a pivotal occasion for us.

Remembering this valuable occasion of 6th Anniversary day, we dream forward on the 7th Inaugural function wishing prosperity and success.