Mobile App Marketing Strategies

Nandakumar | May 30 - 2016

Finally,the mobile app is ready and available for the target audience. Promoting the app is very important to highlight your app amidst the huge sea of apps.

If an app lands in a marketplace, and there’s no one around to download it, does it make a sound?

After months (or years) spent sprinting toward launch day, it’s understandable that you might mark the release of your app as the finish line. But in many ways, the real work is just beginning. Marketing your app is every bit as important as developing it in the first place.

If you want people to download your app (of course you do), review it, use it, and recommend it to their friends, you need a well-designed marketing plan.

Planning for a promotion strategy should start as soon as you have the idea for your app. If you begin with the end in mind and take steps to market your app properly, you’ll have a much better chance of standing out in the crowd and getting the attention (and downloads) your app deserves.


You want to stand out from other apps and make it crystal clear why your visitor can’t leave your listing without downloading your app first.

One of the first things visitors will notice is the Details section of your app store listing, to which you can upload five images

Include real screenshots of your app in action. But don’t just choose screens at random — walk people through the core features of your app, or the most common user flow.

Caption your screenshots with enticing and concise copy. Show your visitors what it will be like to use your app. Show off your newest features and provide mini tutorials This assures prospective users that the app is regularly updated.

Landing Pages/MicroSites:

Microsites are an important asset for marketing that any mobile app development company uses to refer an app for the simple fact of it gives you a place to easily direct people to find out more information about your app. It also provides a way for you to share images, screen shots, videos, and text that the app stores may not allow.

Microsites are a great way to share information with the media when you are pitching them on your app. If they have a site they go to for information, screenshots, videos, and other content they can use in their story or review, it increases your chances of success.

Microsites are also a way to share various apps, so when you have two or three or more apps available, you can have a central place to cross market and promote all of your applications.

Explainer Videos:

Each driving firm or new app business wants propitious development and positive appearance of its apps. It is their entitlement to accomplish name among competitive organizations. A strong image of its app is only form if its content and message is finely drafted or made, remembering about clients desires. Along these lines, in the event that you need to have a thriving success, it is of indispensable significance to incorporate animated video into your promoting strategies.

Some time you need to have small push to reach your audience. Your app may already be good but still you will need to reach more people.Even a 60-second animated video plays a major difference in promoting the app in the huge cluster on the app or play store.

Each user no matter of what age is easily infatuated with animated videos.

Animated videos are cost-effective methods to generate more value

In present days, users have less time and shorter consideration compasses, so they require content that need to be conveyed in a short, interesting and quick way. An animated video has the ideal pitch each time and gives you a chance to clarify how your application works in a matter of seconds. Moreover, they’re profoundly entertaining and engaging.

It is additionally consolidated as one of compelling strategies to convey the descriptive messages of an app along with its functions and significance.

Animated videos help people to remember the core message which was delivered through it.

Animated videos can be shared on different online mediums, for example, Facebook, Linked in, Youtube and so forth. These social networking sites are highly visited for viewing animated videos, which are all around spread through other intuitive mobile applications to extend the business.

It also helps to establish authority and achieve long term results.