Mobile application developement

venkatesan | December 23 - 2011

People like surfing! They like surfing the internet, surfing the TV, and not the least surfing their phones. Surfing the mobile is more prominently seen than using a computer internet now-a-days. Mobile users seek for presentable desktop features. Various other features that a mobile owner would like to prevail are:

  • Wallpapers
  • Photo gallery
  • Music gallery
  • Videos
  • Mails
  • Chats
  • Games
  • Text editor – messenger
  • Spreadsheets etc

Similar to how an operating system (OS) is available on computer, there are many platforms present on the mobile depending on its making to support running an application.

The various platforms include:

  • Window Media (WM) from Microsoft
  • iPhone/iPad –  revolutionary tablet from Apple
  • Android  – competitive platform from Google
  • Blackberry – The showstealer with latest technologies
  • Symbion
  • J2ME
  • Palm
  • BREW
  • WEB OS etc

To avail robust features to the user, the software developing companies are developing various applications to suit the needs. The various types of user-specific applications include:

  • Healthy food ordering – To order healthy foods on the nearby stations
  • Global aviation – Displaying the availability of airlines and routes
  • Work force control – Details on location, phone usage, GPS, GPRS, bluetooth etc

Mobile application development is a growing market and large number of companies are entering in the market to provide their service. A proper training on the technologies guided into the task can bring out amazing results. The market need is open for everyone and a person/company who rightly taps this need will mark an outstanding career/market growth.