Mobile Application Development Using PhoneGap

venkatesan | January 13 - 2015

PhoneGap is an open source framework used majorly for developing cross platform mobile apps. Here developers use the combination of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for creating mobile applications which are innovative in nature. This is great for developers who want to start mobile application to leverage their existing skills across a common platform instead of limiting them to a single device compiled language. PhoneGap is great for the ones who are interested enough to create a code which is compatible in multiple set of platforms.

Apps built using PhoneGap is not like the normal ones present in the market. These apps can easily connect to mobile device hardware and similar to that of GPS. PhoneGap apps can be developed like the native apps and the best part here is that this app can be supported in Apple Store and Android Store as well.

PhoneGap is suited for creating apps across multitude platforms like Android, i OS versions, Blackberry, Symbian and Palm OS. Also it is possible to add any number of features with the help of this framework.

The SDK of this has an app interface which provides developer with specific features of mobile. Here are some of the typical hardware features supported in Phone Gap.

Geo location Features
Accelerometer Features
Sound Enhancements

To create diverse and innovative applications with PhoneGap the SDK needs to be installed with the specific mobile platforms where the app needs to be targeted. To create Android related apps there is need of installing Android NDK and SDK. In addition to this PhoneGap requires installations like the Eclipse IDE and ADT plugin installation for Eclipse. For Windows platform there is need of Apache Ant, Ruby and Git Bash installation.

For developing apps in different platforms there is requirement of different hardware requirements which can deliver the graphics in a better manner. For creating apps in i Phone there is need of i Phone SDK with XCODE and Mac OS X Snow Leopard.

PhoneGap required to be installed and downloaded in a separate folder where each of platform gets supported. With the help of this one can develop great utilities and share them on a single code base across different platforms. When coming to the design perspective the PhoneGap includes the development of apps with the help of HTML5, JavaScript and CSS3.

This helps developers to create a single app which can be used in different platforms. Multiple apps related to business, entertainment, games and social media.