Mobile application development

saran | December 5 - 2011

we are developing various mobile applications like android apps, iPhone apps, blackberry and windows phone apps. We have developed more than 50+ daily deals mobile application in iPhone and android platform with worldwide customers.
Also we have released few game application and fun application. Its running well in apps store. we are keep developing many mobile games.

Currently we are developing apps in

* iOS
* Android
* windows
* Blackberry

Cross-Platform application development:

we have started cross platform application development in mobile application development.
Cross-platform will reduce much time and your cost. suppose if you are developing one mobile application in 3 platfrom like iOS,
Android,Blackberry, it will $$$ and 3 times one apps development.

While going with cross platform (phonegap or titanium) customers can reduce the time to one apps development and $ cost.
Dont want to pay $$$ for development alone. This single cross platform will support the apps to run in iStore,Android store and blackberry store.
So lets enjoy with cross-platform development and reduce the time & cost of your application.

We are developing phonegap application development and titanium application development.

If you have any clarification about mobile apps development. Please contact us