New Mobile Applications For your Business

Nandakumar | April 18 - 2012

Smartphones are witnessing an exponential growth in the market which has made the mobile web popular. This has lead to development of many m-commerce products and services such as mobile ticketing, mobile banking, location based services, auctions, mobile storefront, mobile marketing & advertising etc. Among these applications, shopping on the mobile phone is leading in the market. This is evidently supported by the Gartner research which has estimated about 141.1 million m-payment users in 2011 with money transaction around $86.1 billion. This is expected to raise to $240 billion this year with a projection of $670 billion in 2015.

The mobile commerce with the facility of mobile wallet is evolving as a promising field for the mobile application development company. Meeting to the growing needs of the market, NDOT Technologies is involved in developing interesting mobile apps. One of the m-commerce apps from NDOT is the N.Mobile commerce apps which is a mobile storefront. This app is suitably developed for the store keepers to display their product listing on the mobile such that customers can place their order through mobile phone and purchase the items easily.

The N.Mobile commerce allows for easy shopping at the convenience of the customer with flexible order delivery and payment mode. The app also provides options to checkout the product availability which saves the time of the customers. The shops are listed based on Geo locations covering 5 to 10 Kms area which is an added advantage for the shopkeeper to promote their products or services in the local market with repeated and targeted audience.

NDOT is also providing another wonderful mobile commerce application, appShikra, for the business people to display their business details and contacts on the customer’s mobile phone. The appShikra allows the business people to design their own application and publish it on the mobile platform. It all happens in just few easy steps which is guided by the app. It also allows to select the desired themes to make the display attractive.

The business people can enter the details of their company with contact details which can be accessed easily by the users. This app also allows to upload photos and video file. The app also serves as a company product catalog with photos which helps for marketing and branding the products. The main advantage of the appShikra is that it establishes a real time contact with the customers without any need for salesman. This business app is focused on increasing the sales by listing the business details on the mobile phone which can be used by the customer to contact back with one touch.

Both the apps, N.Mobile commerce and appShikra, reflects the creative abilities of NDOT which is rigorously working out on different mobile apps that are useful as well as relevant for the business along with customization options.