How Mobile Applications ruling Tours and Travels Industry

| July 30 - 2016

In the business world, a smartphone without internet connectivity or a third-party application is hard to come by. Mobile applications have now been adopted across industries, with each, designed to assist users in tasks that range from fund transfers to e-commerce and from education to public lectures.

Why Mobile App?

As mobile applications become powerful business optimization tools, industries have started adopting apps, in an attempt to increase customer experience and subsequently, revenue.

Mobile App for Tours and Travel Industry

Mobile applications designed for hospitality industries have dramatically changed the way people plan, search or organize trips. Such app has enabled the traveller to search and to compare what thousands of travel agents and firms got to offer.

How Travellers Benefit?

The traveller can get the following benefits while using travel mobile apps:

Pick a destination based on weather reports.

Check the availability of rooms and travel assistants.

Find travel duration and cost

Get notified of discounts & offers

Reschedule travel plans

Keep track of travel status before or during the trip.

Rate services and share travel experiences.

Log booking history

Benefits for Tour and Travel Agencies

Usually travel business will be processing 24×7 to enhance customer experience. The travel agencies should have a mobile friendly app which holds information about their services.

Offer location-centric services.

Notify travellers with essential information or travel changes in real-time.

Targeted promotion and deal reach.

Integrated social media sharing to increase brand visibility and value.

Apart from these, the mobile apps for the travel industry save both, the service provider and the traveller from the time spent on picking and purchasing travel requirements.