Mobile Apps Across Multiple Platforms

venkatesan | July 6 - 2012

The mobile applications are the talk of the town since sales of smartphones have markedly increased in the market. These smart phones come with different platforms or operating system. The mobile application development companies are involved in developing different kinds of application under various categories such as games, entertainment, social networking, business related apps etc. There are dedicated departments involved in developing applications based on platform such as iPhone application development, Android apps development, Windows phone mobile application development etc.

All these apps are platform-dependent except the special applications developed using the cross platform mobile application development technique. The PhoneGap is one such open source that helps for creating apps that are suitable with different platforms. It is the only framework that supports nearly seven platform. Apart from using the HTML, JavaScript, and CSS, the PhoneGap focus on accessing the native API devices. The PhoneGap SDK supports an excellent application interface which includes Geolocation features, accelerometer features, and sound enhancements.

There are also other technologies like Titanium that are used for cross platform mobile application development. The Titanium is the best platform for cross platform solutions for iPhone, iPad, and Android applications. It is an open source with flexibility to access and change the code at anytime. The Titanium is preferred by the developers because of its rich multimedia support and unlimited extensibility of custom native functionality.

The advantages of cross platform developments are that it saves the development cost since a single app can run across multiple platforms. It also saves time. Since web-based apps are accessed by people through laptops, desktop, or mobile, the cross platform technique can ensure that the clients are satisfied. Most of the games are developed using this technique such that it is supported across multiple platforms with 3D graphics and multimedia.

There is a great demand in the market for cross platform mobile application because of its flexibility and strength combined with strategical development methods.