How mobile apps can change your restaurant business

venkatesan | December 11 - 2013

Apps make your life simple. Restaurant mobile app is one such interesting app that can make your mouth water and linger for the taste. Opening the app screen, you may find the colorful pictures of the food or cuisine that you can order which you can get as home delivery or reserve a table to enjoy the food with family at the restaurant. If you don’t know the place, no panic, you can locate the place with the help of GPS facility available with the app. Everything is just simple and straight forward.

One of the main attraction of restaurant mobile app is that it provides chef’s recommendation for you to choose from best listing. Your comfort is assured at the restaurant since the orders taken and served are clearly monitored tracking the food availability. Since customer information is stored on the database, you may expect a customized service which can make you loyal to the restaurant.

The restaurant mobile app explores the various facility provided by the restaurant such as table booking, meeting hall booking, reservation of spa etc.

Key features of Restaurant App:

a) Table/Dining hall booking

* Allows booking of table or order cuisine

* Home delivery option

* Know chef’s recommendation, ingredients, and spices

* Track orders taken and served

* Track food availability

* Store customer information

b) Meeting hall booking

* Reserve meeting halls

* Manage table arrangement

* Merging tables/partition of halls

* Seating based on social status, grade level, or gender etc

* Store meeting attendees information

c) Spa

* Reserve spa

d) Facilities

* Safe money transaction methods

* Filter restaurant by star level, price, amenity of neighborhood

* Interactive map (GPS) to reach the restaurant

* Push notification

User benefits

The user can browse the restaurant application based on food on the menus to book a table or order for a home delivery. In few cases, customer may not know the good restaurant in their area which may be easily located on the map using the app. User can also locate the restaurant based on star level, amenity of neighborhood etc. Most exciting part of the app is that it allows to compare prices since cuisine is listed with price details.

* Book tables at restaurant comfortably

* Compare prices

* Home delivery option

* Get details of facility before booking

* Get notifications

* Locate restaurant on the map

* Clean family atmosphere to celebrate parties and celebrations.

Benefits of Restaurant App:

Restaurant app is quite useful for restaurant management by reaching the customers on the mobile. Orders can be taken via app as well as table booking is encouraged which avoids last minute confusions. Options to handle reservation during festive season can attract the crowd. Since customer information is stored in the app, customized loyalty programs can be implemented easily.

* Advance booking

* Reduces the waiting time at restaurant

* Track the food availability at kitchen

* Customized service using stored customer information

* Monitors order taken and served

* View customer demand (based on customers at restaurant)

* Options to combine loyalty programs

* Connect with customers via social media

* Speedy processing

* Increase in revenue

Restaurant app is equally beneficial for the customers as well as restaurant. The app boosts the business and helps to get better ROI with best allocation of resources. Integration of social media helps to get the best review from customers which can promote the business. A long term relationship with the customers can be established which is profitable for business.