Why Mobile Apps are Needed for Ecommerce Store?

venkatesan | March 15 - 2014


Smartphones have become very common these days that people started using the mobile apps frequently for various purpose such as games, utility, healthcare apps etc including ecommerce app for shopping. The mobile app allows to browse the shopping cart and buy the products easily by doing the payments via integrated payment gateways.

The sales happening on the ecommerce site can be doubled by providing the mobile apps. It is noted that traffic to the ecommerce site is greatly contributed by mobile apps which is convenient for the users to locate their need. One out of every three visitor to the ecommerce site is via mobile apps. Statistics show that 85% of the consumers on shopping cart prefer mobile website.

Some of the features favorable for using mobile app for ecommerce stores are discussed below.

#1 Easy access: The mobile apps that are associated with the ecommerce site provides better accessibility features consuming very less time to reach the site. People could use their mobile front to shop their favorite products from the ecommerce stores.

#2 Anytime-Anywhere: People get a chance to browse the site offline and make purchase easily while in travel at any time from anywhere. Mobile app connects the customer with the ecommerce store providing them a better shopping experience. Mobile app favors for enhancing complete commerce activity via smartphones instead of PC or laptops

#3 Sales conversion: Since users can directly make a purchase using the mobile app, the sales on the ecommerce site is directly increased.

#4 Push notifications: The latest information on the site can be sent as push notifications to the customer’s smartphone via mobile apps. This keeps the customer well informed about the offers and deals such that they take the lead to make a purchase via mobile apps.

#5 Ad promotions: Since customer information is stored on the ecommerce site along with the details of the phone number, the mobile apps help to propagate ads and campaign across the mobile apps which accounts for increased sales on the site. The mobile app also provides option to send across information to customer based on their choice of favorite categories and products.

The inclusion of mobile apps with the ecommerce site attracts more customers to the site and provides a new channel for sales. People get the sophistication of enjoying their shopping via smartphones. Keeping in constant touch with the consumers is very essential for the ecommerce business which is achieved by the mobile apps.