Mobile Commerce Application for Restaurant Business

venkatesan | July 17 - 2012

If you are looking out for expanding your restaurant business, one of the honest suggestion would be taking your restaurant into the mobile platform. This is the trendy expansion of many business as mobile commerce is fetching much money and economy to the trade. The mobile commerce is one such application from Ndot Technologies which is very useful for starting the restaurant business in ec ommerce platform.

The people in and around 5 to 10 Km can view the details of the restaurant and avail the offers using the mobile phone. The application lists your restaurant under the relevant category. When the user searches for the restaurant, the list of all the restaurant will pop up in the list. The user can choose the appropriate restaurant and order their favorite foods using the mobile. They can pay flexibly using the various payment methods such as through credit card or Paypal. They can also check the option to pay on delivery such as cash-on-delivery or pay-in-shop.

The delivery method is very simple. The user can either fix the time to take the delivery or they can choose to receive the delivery at that place. This mode of running the restaurant using the mobile platform is very useful for business expansion since the users feel the advantage of saving the time spend on waiting in a restaurant for service. The restaurant owners can also store the public profile and provide customized service to keep the regular customers happy.

The mobile commerce application is favorable for the restaurant business since it can list the restaurant based on Geo based location such that the local customers get the awareness about the business presence. The customers can also inquire about the availability of the foods through the mobile without the physical strain to visit the restaurant. The customers find the mobile commerce app to be very useful which is the needed advantage for the restaurant owners to boom their business in all the mobile platform such as iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows, Blackberry etc.