Mobile Patient Appointment Scheduler

venkatesan | September 13 - 2012

In this current scenario, scheduling a patient appointment can be one of the hardest task since it depends on various variables like availability of doctor, the venue, availability of free time slots etc. The patients also find it difficult to contact the clinic since they have to approach during working hours. Sometimes they visit the hospital but do not get the appointment with the doctor.

As a solution to this, NDOT has developed a flexible mobile application called the MyClinic. This application gives an easy solution to the above stated problem and removes the barrier on both time and place. Now the patients can get an appointment with the doctor just sitting at their leisure using their mobile phone. The MyClinic application is available for both Android and iPhone platform. It is also very much useful for the clinics since the appointment scheduling is done by the MyClinic and not manually.

The MyClinic application is very simple to use as well as self explorable that the patients can use them easily. The patients can enter the details about them like name, phone etc and provide more information about the doctor or department with whom they need an appointment. The application will search the free slots of the doctor and freeze the time slots and date mentioned by the patient. The patients will get the notification on status such as if the appointment has been approved, disapproved, or pending. All these happens just through the mobile which saves the time and travel.

The Myclinic is designed with all the features including social media sharing to make the application complete. The clinic can engage the patients by sending regular news and updates. Thus the application develops a good relationship between the client and the clinic. The impressed patients can also share the hospital information on the social media and even recommend for the application.

One of the feature of MyClinic mobile application is that it allows the patients to find the geographical location of the hospital or clinic and find the distance on the map. The MyClinic application has many useful features and it also schedules the appointment easily which makes it unique and favorable for both patients and clinics.