New Mobile Platform Features Introduced By Facebook

venkatesan | April 20 - 2013

The social networking giant Facebook is really up to something. Well, for past few days, it has been bringing a lot of changes and modifications in its current system. Just recently, it announced a set of changes in order to improve the experience of users and to increase the basic possibility for developers of mobile phones to build apps that would integrate with it.

In this, there is a standard mobile sharing dialog, latest Open Graph application programming interface, faster login and ultimately a technology partner program that would greatly assist developers to get the best third-party solution suiting their needs. Along with this, one of the most important development that was announced was the Object application program interface which would allow mobile developers to make open graph objects that too without having to upload corresponding websites.

In the past, apps had to serve various data into the open graph. It was done using web endpoints, making it difficult for native Android and iOS apps to create that same kind of experience or even gain the same chance for discovery or distribution as web related apps. But it was kind of available if the given resources was built for web backend. Basically, this won’t be very much important as mobile or web based apps will be able to use the Object related API for easy object creation.

In addition to that Facebook is even introducing a model known as object privacy model which would allow objects to get non-public or custom privacy settings. Now this is very much important for certain users generated topics that usually is received from mobile applications. On the other hand, the web-hosted objects will be public.

Also there was another significant development that was announced which is the introduction of native mobile sharing dialog. The important aspect of this is that it gives a basic standard dialog which already includes custom privacy settings, location tagging, friend tagging, etc. Quite similar to the Like button, this share dialog can be easily implemented with the help of a small amount of code through any app and it even works if the user has not logged on the application using Facebook.

Currently, it is only available in a limited beta version for iOS apps. However, it is in the development stage for the Android devices. Moreover, Facebook even has officially announced that it has made changes to the mobile login dialogs which as per the experts feel that has a new and improved cleaner design and can load up to twenty percent faster. Along with this announcement, it was also announced at the Mobile Developers Conference in NY city the established of the Facebook Technology Partner program with ten emerging companies.

Finally, it was revealed by Facebook that it was going to release an update of the Facebook SDK for iOS, that even includes the support for the native share dialog, object API, and also the native login dialog. In short with so many changes and updates, lets keep our fingers crossed to see whether how much successful it will become.