Mobile Searches – Dominating the User’s Searching Techniques

venkatesan | April 5 - 2013

Mobile websites are fast becoming a great online arena for shoppers. There are currently four billion smartphone users and statistics have clearly shown that by the end of 2014 mobile searches will overtake the desktop traffic. Now what it implies is that no matter what type or kind of business you have, your targeted audience or customers will be on the mobile web and you have to somehow reach them.

It is very much important to note down that mobile SEO has got many unique challenges but the one particular aspect which you cannot ignore is that it offers great opportunities for people who are willing to put in great amount of time and effort. Statistically if you check, about 90% of the mobile searches result in the basic action of either visiting a website or purchasing a product. Majority of consumers are very much becoming comfortable with shopping on their mobile phones.

In addition to that 60% of the shopper who shop using smartphones will search for the product on the phone before buying it. This is not a rare occurrence and is common for mobile purchases. So the message your customers are giving is clear. You need to apply mobile search strategy or else you will lose against a company which has one.

There are certain steps or procedures that you have to take in order to optimize the mobile search option. The following are some of them –

Try to get a responsive web design. This is one of the best practices in the industry and is something which is considered very important by Google. It includes multiple aspects like using media queries like CSS for device rendering and even taking uniformed HTML across all major devices.

Another aspect is dynamic serving. Google and other search engines are quite aware that different HTML can dynamically exist on the same URL in case if responsive design is not optimal.

Having separate mobile URLs will be an added advantage. These will not affect your organic search traffic and even will not weaken your link juice, as mobile users needs may differ from that of desktop one and even may need separate copy of messaging.

It is important to give importance to the website first rather than the app. One thing that you need to know is that apps have limited reach while sites will divert more traffic. Majority of consumers won’t recommended business that have bad mobile sites while some may opt for the competing business if they feel that those business offer good mobile experience.

Plus one needs to avoid transcoders. These transcoders will add unnecessary and irrelevant contents to the indexes.

Before you create a mobile site, you need to understand what is the wants and the needs of people to whom you are trying to reach.

Since technology has made most of the devices compact and efficient, in the same way web researching is turning out to be more mobile. Consumers and normal people find it easy to search for contents from their tablets as well as smartphones. So taking advantage of an opportunity that good mobile search strategy offers will really make your business more important and even optimizing the desktop traffic.