Mobile Websites Have Become Essential for Business

venkatesan | July 16 - 2012

The websites have become a compelling need or essential for most of the business. Any business is incomplete without a website, but the same website may reflect as a junk or become worthless when it is accessed through the mobile platform.

If this is sounding familiar to your problem, then join the crowd since you are not alone. A study by Gartner states that by 2013, the mobile phones will take over PCs for web browsing. People tend to spend more time on mobile webs. There will be demand for websites compatible to mobile web with fewer clicks. The people will be using the mobile phones to access the web for mobile shopping, mobile payment, mobile access to social media like Facebook, etc.

Above stated reason evolves a need for concentrating on developing mobile websites since the desktop websites apparently lacks the capacity for display on mobile. When the desktop or PC based websites are opened in the browser of iPhone or Android platform in mobile, it takes a long time to load. On the other hand, the appearance is too clumsy and the text appears too small. The user may have to zoom in such that he may feel frustrated to navigate through the site.

In such cases, the business may even lose a potential customer since he may turn to another competitors website. It is estimated that nearly 45% of the customers turn to another company just because of unclear information through the mobile website. As a solution to this situation, the desktop-based websites are optimized to suit the mobile platform avoiding the price of creating a new mobile-based website from scratch. Still, approximately 25% of the businesses have developed their own mobile website.

Recently Google has launched the site which provides all the guidance about the need for developing a mobile website.

It is estimated that one can develop a decent mobile website within the budget of $400. The major fee is going to the hosting. There are two separate hosting charges for mobile website and traditional website. Many incidence have proved that developing the mobile website has proved beneficial and fetched new business opportunity.

The success of a mobile website depends on various features such buttons, visible font size, and intuitive navigation. The mobile site can be very useful for the business since the customers tend to search the web rather than download an application.