Mobiles – An Effective Medium for Business Promotion

venkatesan | July 27 - 2012

Mobile commerce – this is the latest coined word in the commerce world which already saw the arousal of electronic commerce in early 1990s. The internet was the basic platform for all e-commerce solutions. With the advent of mobile phones with internet facility such as the smartphones, the e-commerce activities were done through the mobile platform which led to the evolution of m-commerce. This is a remarkable change that is hugely welcomed by the business world.

The motive of all the business is to increase the sales and revenue. They reach out to millions of people to promote their business through all possible medium like phone, email, ads, campaign, etc. The whole marketing can be considered successful only when the end users react or respond to the above promotions. Thus the medium through which the users can communicate with the enterprise is very much essential for the business.

The end users can answer a call (not always), read a mail (rarely), see an ad(only when they like), or attend campaign (least numbers) to know about the product or service. But, we have missed the most important medium known as mobile phone. The mobiles are widely used by the end users just like another companion in their life. So, people prefer to know about all the information through the mobile. Any information forwarded in the mobile never goes unnoticed. Since internet also combines with the mobile, people are connected world wide just with their hand held machine.

They like to shop more using the mobile since it is flexible. It is estimated that 20% of the mobile users use the mobile as virtual wallet. Nearly 54% of the smart phone users avail the coupon using their mobile. The good news for the business people is that 87% of people worldwide already have mobiles phones. We can even view the facts that the mobile users are approaching the business people through the mobile rather the other way round. Thus, the business can focus on this effective mobile medium to increase their sales and revenue.