Money-Making iPhone and Money-Saving Android

Nandakumar | June 14 - 2012

The iPhone application development is considered to be one of the most money making business in this present mobile scenario. Though there are many platforms of mobile such as Android, Blackberry, Windows etc, the iPhone platform from Apple Inc has scored a clear sweep in the market by monitoring the quality and standard of apps that are developed.

The iPhone application development is considered to be more strenuous than the Android application development because each app needs to be approved by the Apple before it is posted into the app store. At the same time, many situations can be cited where young minds below 12 years of age have designed and uploaded iPhone apps into the store proving the theory of iPhone to be tougher as wrong. The apps that are uploaded into the app store has definite scope for reaching more audience for downloading.

The business apps that are developed for specific purpose such as shopping via mobile have great potential for increasing the revenue. The iPhone apps development is also happening in other major area such as education, pharma, health care etc which increases the variety of apps in the market. These apps help the organization to increase their business profit as well as concentrate on expanding the customer base.

The Android application development is also one of the next major field for apps development with the added advantage of open source platform from Google. The Android applications can be built easily and there are lots of apps in the store which are free for download. The Android apps development is comparatively money saving. The development cost is low and provides a huge ROI. There is not much hassle involved in developing and publishing the app for downloading.

The facts about the mobile application development field says that Android apps are available more in the market than the iPhone apps. Since there are more Android phone users, the demand for apps remain peak while the cost of developing the apps is affordable to endeavor the projects.