vignesh | February 26 - 2009

Moodle (Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment) is an open-source for e-learning . in this open source course management is a major role even similar platform open-source is available many like Atutor,Webct,Blackboard etc.. but in this moodle is widely used.

Currently moodle has 28,177,443 users in 2,571,855 courses and very fast growing open-source. Moodle helps for advance course management and this will helps more for educators and students.

This moodle will help for rich interaction between student and teachers.

Moodle have lot of functionalities like manage activites, survey, online chat, manage questions,enrollment system, payment gateway systems, Scorm facilities,quiz management,forum,glossary,lesson,file upload and many plugins is available from other products.

Moodle have more security features and user friendly and easy to integerate it. In Moodle user itself play so many roles and user can change their roles with pemissions.

If a user want to play a student or teacher role , course creator have that ability to change their roles for that particular course. In course whiteboard option is available in this options student and teachers can interact efficiently because it contains whiteboard in that teacher and student can enter the toughts and many student can see at a time within that session.

And some more payied service also available for more features.

Grading methods are available and course creator can choose the grading method and can be able to view the students behaviour,activites,grades etc..

good luck…….