Most Preferred iOS 7 features

venkatesan | July 29 - 2013

The iOS operating system are flexibly run across iPad, Ipod, and iPhone devices. One of the reliable technology introduced being iOS 7 which has many features that are compelling to choose iOS7 to make a lively interaction. Some of the irresistible features are discussed below.

Multitasking features which were introduced from iOS4 has undergone few changes in iOS5 and iOS6 with the introduction of APIs. The iOS7 has greatly improved with regards to multitasking which allows for quick swipe to close applications. The icons are placed nearly below the app screenshots which creates a perfect multitasking. App can be closed by swiping either way. Thus multitasking has been successfully implemented in iOS 7

Control Center Toggles
The iO7 supports switching between Wi-Fi or Bluetooth quickly. This is an impressive feature in iOS with rotation lock. The application can be turn on or off usefully. Battery usage is saved while it is not used.

New Siri
The UI of iOS7 has been completely changed with enhanced display features. Voice feature has also been included with Siri which resembles human voice. Internet searches, Wikipedia, and image searches are included with iOS7. Wikipedia integration has been fabulous providing articles instead of links such that user can enjoy reading in Siri UI itself.

Camera Filters
Pictures can be filtered with options for shading color effects which makes it entertaining. There is no need for separate application to filter pictures. The primary benefit is that UI is very attractive.

Parallax effect is used to show 2 dimensional depth. The wallpaper background shifts depending upon how you shift. The popup messages gets displayed although it is floating

Hence, one who enjoys the iOS 7 features becomes a loyal user of the iOS mobile. Some of the most impressive features of iOS7 are discussed above while there are other features list that makes the iPhone platform as preferable.