Multilingual private messaging service-UddeIM

techie | May 13 - 2010

UddeIM is an add on to Joomla that allows users of a community to send private messages to each other. The main features are:

* Public Front end (unregistered users can contact registered users)
* Autoresponder and Autoforwarding of Personal messages (PMs)
* File attachments
* RSS Message Feed (receive PMs via RSS)
* MooTools(Javascript frame work) based Autocompleter
* Popup and Email Notifications
* Message Control Center,
* System- and General-Messages support
* User and admin side control
* Local-, Global-, Restricted Distribution Lists
* Multiple Recipients
* Message Filters
* Message Archive
* Message Obfuscating and Encryption (incl. Triple DES strong encryption)
* phpBB Codes
* Captcha Protection (incl. reCAPTCHA support), CSRF Protection, Flooding Protection
* Integration with community software, Community Builder (CB), Community Builder Enhanced (CBE), and AlphaUserPoints
* Static- and Animated Smileys,
* More than 125 options
* Comes with Joomla Modules,2 Joomla Plugins,  CB Plugins
* Integration with forum software: Joomlaboard, Fireboard, Kunena, JomSocial, and Agora
* Available in 31 languages: Arabic, Brazilian-Portuguese, Bulgarian, Catalan, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German (informal and formal), Greek, Hebrew, Hrvatski, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese[6], Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Swedish, Traditional Chinese, Turkish[7], Ukrainian, Vietnamese