Must-Know 8 Steps to Enhance Your Website

venkatesan | June 19 - 2013

Online visitors or customers are the real boon to the industry which is basically dependent on the websites. The appearance of the website and user engagement decides on the website traffic that is attracted to the site who may be further converted as fruitful customers. If your website is not generating the expected traffic then better check the list below.

Some of the useful tips to enhance the website appearance in order to retain the customers on the site are discussed below.

Step 1: Engage Your Customers

The website should be developed by considering the user angle. One should be clear on the content that will be seen or focused by the visitor such that customers are engaged properly. Site can have options for newsletter subscription. There should be a clear call to action such that customers are properly engaged in first few seconds which decides on retaining the customers on the site. The site should provide proper contact details such that it is easier for the visitor to contact via email, telephone number, address etc

Step 2: Focus on Primary Audience

It is highly impossible to satisfy all types of audience who visit the website. One has to decide on type of primary audience that the business needs to attract. Focus on visitors who have more probability to get converted as valuable customers.

Step:3 Clean Design

The appearance of the website depends upon the amount of free space and the content placed on the page. It is recommended that a clean website is maintained by presenting the contents within the space of header and footer without stuffing the content.

Step 4: Up-to-date Content

The website content should be up-to-date with latest news and events such that user visits the site again and again. Outdated information must be removed from the website.

Step 5: Social media

The site visitors can be encouraged to get connected with the site by using social networking site such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc. Good communication can be established between the site owner and the customers via social media.

Step 6: Free Products

Attitude of customers tend to buy products which has something free with it. Sales can be increased if it has some gift along with it. People can also be attracted by including contests, sweepstakes, eBooks etc depending upon the business type in order to retain the customers on the site.

Step 7: Peer communication

The customers can be encouraged to participate in online community discussions and forums. This helps them to chat with others of similar interest and raise questions and get answers.

Step 8: Site Loading Time

The site loading time has to be reduced such that site is optimized which can reduce waiting time of the customers. This is a vital point to be considered since visitors tend to remain on the site only based on the initial waiting time to load the site.

Hence, by following the above 8 steps, one can easily build an error-free website which can attract more customers as well as retain them with multiple features like forums, free products, social media etc. Are you in need of a website with all these features then, contact-us for more details.