MyClinic Mobile App – For Easy Patient Appointment Scheduling

venkatesan | January 25 - 2013

Technological advancement has become a blessing for many people and it is indeed for the healthcare and clinical industry. The challenges that the staffs go through in manually fixing appointments, rescheduling them, checking the availability of doctors, etc is a tedious task. At times, to add woes to your worries is when the patient doesn’t turn up and forgets to inform about the cancellation.

Now a pretty good solution for this is using an app that can help to manage the entire manual work. And that is the MyClinic App. This app is a robust healthcare solution provider that helps in fixing appointment at any time and anywhere. You can use the app to check the availability of the resources like the doctor, machine, etc and check for cancellation.

Basically, the MyClinic App can be used for the following things

Reminder:- Just assume a situation, where you have to go to the dentist for the monthly checkup. Now a day before the appointment, the time of the appointment and the name of the doctor along with the location pops up on your mobile. Isn’t a wonderful thing? The MyClinic app reminds the user about the appointments and helps in avoiding a situation of cancellation. Plus this app can be used to remind the user to take the pills at the prescribed time.

Availability:- There is no use in fixing up an appointment without the doctor. This app helps in fixing the appointment and even checks whether the doctor will be available. Even you can know whether a particular resource like the testing lab or equipment is available or not. One of the interesting feature of this app is that it informs the user about the arrival of the specialists and fixes appointment with them.

One-Touch Interaction:- If you think there is no direct interaction with the hospital authorities, then you are completely wrong. Using the Smartphone, you can have direct contact with the hospital in one single touch. You can contact by calling, emailing or messaging as per your convenience. In addition to that in case of emergency, you can call the ambulance by just clicking on the app.

Health Report and Tips:- The MyClinic app helps in summarizing and organizing the records of the patients at one single place. This will greatly help in reducing the confusion and easy retrieval of the report in the times of need. With a single click, the patient can access his or her health records and become aware of their health or sickness. Besides this feature, the app even gives regular health tips that will help patients in being healthy.

Interactive Life Chat and Map:- The app helps the patient to remain in contact with the clinic or hospital through messaging as well as live chat. Patients can connect with the doctor or the hospital authority and clear their doubts. In addition to that the app has an interactive map feature that will show the patient where the particular clinic or hospital is located and how to reach there.

To conclude, MyClinic is a mind-blowing app that can act as an effective communicator between the doctor as well as the patient. Please know more about our apps by visiting this link